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they are so Cute♥

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Battle - Crash MV (Eng Sub)

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Ryu Profile

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Stage Name: Ryu (류)
Real Name: Won Seung Jae (원승재)
Birthdate: April 18, 1987 (1987-04-18) (age 21)
Birthplace: Seoul
Position: Rap, Leader
Height: 185cm
Weight: 74kg
Blood type: A
Chosen by Shinhwa's Andy
Fun facts:
~ Aspiring Model before Battle Shinhwa
~ Also wishes to presude acting along with rapping
~ Oldest member of the band
~ Participated in "Prettier than Flower" Beauty Pageant

Lio Profile

30. dubna 2009 v 20:36 | Kim JaeYong |  Lio

Stage Name: Lio (리오)
Real Name: Park Ji Woon (박지운)
Birthdate: August 21, 1987 (1987-08-21) (age 21)
Birthplace: Seoul
Position: Rap
Height: 181cm
Weight: 68kg
Blood type: B
Chosen by Shinhwa's Jun Jin
Fun Facts
~ Featured in Jun Jin's solo album in the track "Come Back"
~ He is Jun Jin's "Stepbrother" (not literal)
~ Fluent in Mandarin since he has studied in China
~ Enjoys studying english
~ Orignially noticed becuase of his unique rapping style
~ Has a lopsided yet charming smile

TaeHwa profile

30. dubna 2009 v 20:34 | Kim JaeYong |  TaeHwa

Stage Name: Tae Hwa (태화)
Real Name: Jin Tae Hwa (진태화 )
Birthdate: January 1, 1988 (1988-01-01) (age 20)
Birthplace: Seoul
Position: Lead Vocalist
Height: 178cm
Weight: 63kg
Blood type: AB
Chosen by Shinhwa's Min Woo
Random Facts
~ Best Dancer in the group
~ Voted Most Popular during Battle Shinhwa by Netizens
~ His voice is the base for all Battle songs

HwiChan Profile

30. dubna 2009 v 20:33 | Kim JaeYong |  HwiChan

Stage Name: Hwi-chan (휘찬)
Real Name: Kim Tae Kwan (김태관)
Birthdate: June 8, 1988 (1988-06-08) (age 20)
Birthplace: Pusan
Position: Vocalist
Height: 180cm
Weight: 65kg
Blood type: AB
Chosen by Shinhwa's Dong Wan
Random Facts
~ Second choice by Kim Dongwan
~ Originally eleminated but was called back when Jang Hyun decided to leave
~ His Grandma raised him, when she was ill he began losing focus during the competition
~ She soon died after he was eleminated but he still wanted to make her proud so he agreed to return
~ The only member who did not appeared in Shinhwa's Once in a Liftetime Music Video

zdroj: http://asianfanatics.net/

Chris Profile

30. dubna 2009 v 20:32 | Kim JaeYong |  Chris

Stage Name: Chris (크리스)
Real Name: Jung Hyung Rok(정형록)
Birthdate: October 27, 1989 (1989-10-27) (age 19)
Birthplace: Seoul
position: Main Vocalist
Height: 186cm
Weight: 68kg
Blood type: B
Chosen by Shinhwa's Hye Sung
Random Facts
~ Youngest but acts as the mother of the group
~ Moved to California when he was very young, therefore very fluent in English
~ Has attended Burbank Elementary School, Ross Middle School, Gahr High School, and then Torrance High School.
~ Loves to cook
~ Winner of Prettier than Flower Beauty Pageant

zdroj: http://asianfanatics.net/

KiHyun profile

30. dubna 2009 v 20:30 | Kim JaeYong |  KiHyun (former member)

Stage Name: Ki Hyun
Real Name: Shin Ki Hyun
Birthdate: June 19, 1987
Birthplace: Seoul
position: Vocalist, Rapper
Height: 188cm
Weight: 76kg
Blood type: B
Schools: ChangDong Elementary School, JungBal Middle School, JungBal High School
Shoe Size: 270mm
Blood Type: B
Hobbies: Gaming, listening to music, watching movies
Talents: Running endurance, not giving up easily, singing, soccer
Horoscope: Gemini
Favorite color:sky blue
Favorite sports: soccer, mountain-climbing
Favorite kind of movies: fantasy
Chosen by Eric Mun
Random Facts:
~ Often slouches to be the same height as the other members
~ Started as a rapper but later trained his voice to sing
~ He then begin singing small parts in Battle's songs
~ Very competitive
Ki Hyun was the frst Battle member to appeared in a drama. When Battle made their comeback in 2008, Ki hyun did not join and rumors circulated on the reason behind his departure. The only explanation GOODE provided was Ki Hyun decided to leave Battle because he wishes to presue his career in acting. A letter written by Ki Hyun himself was later leaked onto the net causing more curiosity and interst on his departure.

zdroj: http://asianfanatics.net

Vítam vás:-)

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Ahojky vítam vás na blogu o Korejske skupine Battle.Snad se vam tu bude libit☺
Zatim se tu mějte a ja jdu pracovat na blogu ☺

papa vase Kim