Červen 2009

Which Shinhwa member would you be best with?

30. června 2009 v 10:23 | Kim JaeYong |  Quizi
Mam pro vas dalsi Quiz :-)
Udelat si ho muzete Tady
me vyslo(jupííííííííííííííííííííííííííííí♥)

You'd be great with him!

a co vám??

Who is your husband? (ShinhWa)

30. června 2009 v 10:14 | Kim JaeYong |  Quizi
Ahojky nasla jsem Quiz Kdo je tvuj manzel ????( ShinhWa)
Udelat si ho muzete Tady
me vyslo tohle ↓↓(béééééééééé mě nikdy nevyjde ten koho bych chtěla Xd)
You Got JunJin!! The cute, sexy and funnie husband! Have a long happy marriage!

copak vyslo vam???? :-)


29. června 2009 v 17:25 | Kim JaeYong
uzasny miluju chlapy z pistolema XD ♥

HyeSung Sleeping ♥

28. června 2009 v 20:59 | Kim JaeYong

Shinhwa funny tribute

28. června 2009 v 13:23 | Kim JaeYong
nejlepsi je ta polstarova bitvaXD

shinhwa "Coca-Cola" CF

28. června 2009 v 12:41 | Kim JaeYong
Drsná reklama XD

Od Miao za bleskajdu

28. června 2009 v 12:27 .: My & Blog :.

mocinky dekuju :-)♥

ShinhWa Profile(ostatni clenove)

28. června 2009 v 10:19 | Kim JaeYong
Source: http://asianfanatics.net/

Name: Eric Mun
Korean Name: Mun Jung Hyuk
Position: Leader/English Rap
Nickname: Gon (some cartoon dinosaur)
Birthday: February 16, 1979
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Blood Type: B
Siblings: Two older sister
Religion: Christian
Hobbies: Listening to music
Talent: Clarinet, saxophone, free-style rap, beat-box
Childhood Dream: soldier, President, dad
Ideal Girl: A kind girl who's not afraid to be individual

Andy Lee Profile

28. června 2009 v 9:50 | Kim JaeYong
Source: http://asianfanatics.net/

Name : Andy Lee 앤디
Real Name: Lee Sun Ho 이선호
Occupation: Singer, Actor, MC
Birthdate: 1/21/81 (Real birthdate: 12/21/81)
Blood type: O
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 58 Kg
Debut: 1998 with group Shinhwa (SM Entertainment)
Awards: Popular Music Video Award 2004, SBS Singer Daesang Award 2004, Seoul Music Daesang Award 2004, 19th Golden Disk Bonsang Award 2004, SBS Music Popularity Award 2000
Talents/Hobbies: Piano, basketball, sports, dancing
Entertainment company: Good Entertainment (EMG)

Shin HyeSung Profile ♥

28. června 2009 v 9:46 | Kim JaeYong

Name: Jung Phil Gyo (Hyesung)
English Name: Steve Jung
Korean Name: 정필교
Nickname: Sonic
Gender: Male
Birthdate: November 27, 1979
Blood Type: A
Position: Main vocals
Family: One younger brother
Zodiac: Saggitarius
Ethincity: Korean
Religion: Christian
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 65 kg
School: Chun An University, English Major 2nd Year
Favourite Artist: Baby Face
Specialty: Singing, cooking, tae kwon do
Hobby: Driving
Habit: It's not a habit that is special (o.o;;)
Weak Point: Hides his face
Favourite Color: Any color
Favourite Sport: Jet skis
Favourite Food: Kimchi
Number One Treasure: Car
Drinking Capacity: Hard liqor - One bottle
Stress Solution: Lie on pillow with music on full blast
3 Things Will Take to Deserted Island: Air cone, bed, TV
Hope: Top singer
Motto: When it is done!


27. června 2009 v 22:14 | Kim JaeYong |  TaeHwa
ona je hrozne roztomiloucka :-)♥

Battle Style´s

27. června 2009 v 13:00 | Kim JaeYong |  Společné Fotky
uplne jsem zboznovala styl Crash ♥♥

New Dess Od Asian Princess

27. června 2009 v 12:39 | Kim JaeYong |  .: My & Blog :.
Ahojik :-)
Nechala jsem na pocest new spolumajitelky Aki udelat new desing i s ikonkou :-)

snad se ji bude libit :-)☺

A Asian Princess moc moc dekuju♥ povedl se ji

TaeHwa Wall

27. června 2009 v 11:22 | Kim JaeYong |  TaeHwa
Nasla jsem krasnej Wall TaeHwi
staci kliknout a znetsi se na puvodni velikost :-)

Young Chris with Shrek

27. června 2009 v 11:00 | Kim JaeYong |  Chris

Ryu Fotky pro časopis

27. června 2009 v 10:02 | Kim JaeYong |  Ryu

Shinee's Onew rushed to the hospital after performing on KBS Music Bank!

27. června 2009 v 9:57 | KimJaeYong |  ♥SHINee♥

Well not rushed to the hospital, but during performing, Shinee's group leader Onew collapsed down during broadcasting and was evacuated to the hospital.

The broadcast was set on 26th June 2009 on KBS2 Music Bank. The group was performing their current single 'Juliette', a special stage to tribute a former SM Town group 'H.O.T', and an appearance at the end of the show smoothly and then suddenly something went wrong. To prevent from the paparazzi and the big incident, the staff was able to bring Onew to the closest hospital as quicky as possible.

The staff revealed that there was nothing wrong, Onew was just traumatized? and stress about too much activites. Onew revealed that the gentleness of his teeth kind off hurt again as he injured his teeth before the group's debut.


HwiChan & Daewon Photo

26. června 2009 v 23:08 | Kim JaeYong |  HwiChan

HwiChannie & TaeHwa

26. června 2009 v 22:59 | Kim JaeYong |  Společné Fotky